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A full-service experiential marketing agency based in NYC.

Whether it is a headline-grabbing publicity stunt in Times Square or a strategic brand partnership, we pride ourselves on finding new & exciting formats for connecting brands with their target audience. Product launches, digital integrations, and national tours are just a few of the ways we inspire audiences to act. And we do it all in house.

Interested in working with a social influencer to amplify the reach of your message? We’ve teamed up with leading Social Influencer Database, HYPR, to offer fully integrated & turnkey social influencer solutions. HYPR offers real-time social analytics for nearly every influencer globally. Their data allows you to view influencers by vertical, audience demographics, and geographic locations. Their Social Search Engine scrapes information from various social platforms, analyzes the data, and generates reports on audience makeup, allowing you to make sure that influencers are sending the right message to the right audience.

Together with HYPR, we will work with you on social and digital strategy, design the campaign specifics, negotiate contract terms with your desired influencer(s), run point on execution, and offer reporting and metrics to analyze the campaign’s reach.
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As one of the foremost experiential marketing agencies, we help clients ranging from Off-Broadway theater productions
to Fortune 500 companies to the nation’s leading ad agencies and PR firms.

We wrote a book!

Guerrilla Marketing for Dummies

This savvy, hands-on guide explains what guerrilla marketing is, who does it, and why. You’ll learn how it can take your brand to new heights as you start thinking like a guerrilla, brainstorming, collaborating, and refining ideas for an exciting, non-traditional marketing program. The real fun starts when you build a winning team and take your message to the streets, executing attention-grabbing publicity stunts and creating unforgettable events. You’ll find out when it pays to work with the big-gun guerrilla marketing firms and how to launch your own low-cost campaign.

Great Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing Read review...
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